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Honors Chemistry Daily Lesson Plans


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Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


August 12-16




August 19-23




August 26-30


What is Chemistry?

Scientific Notation Problems

Physical/Chemical Changes Forms

Diaper Lab- Is it a chemical or physical Change?


Assembly at 9

Diaper Lab Write up due in Class Notebook

What If?? 3 Facts

Color and begin labeling the periodic table No School


Sept. 3-6


No school

Periodic Trends Notes

Elements Notes

Neutrons, protons, electrons

Periodic Trends Lab

Finish periodic trends lab


Sept. 9-13


Isotopes video and activity


Naming Elements

Atomic structure

History of the Atomic Theory Assignment

Begin Electron Configuration and orbitals

Practice problems

Electron Configuration worksheet

Lewis dot diagram




Sept. 16-20



Lewis Dot Diagram

Ionic Charge

EC Principles

Orbital Notation

Turn in Worksheet

Forming compounds using Lewis Dot Structures


Roll the Dice Activity

Forming Ionic Compounds

Covalent Bond Notes

Using Lewis Dot Structures to show bonds


Covalent Bonding

Problems from book



Sept. 23-27


Begin naming compounds flowchart

Naming compounds


Naming compounds


Naming compounds


Polyatomic ion quiz

Chemical reaction notes

Begin balancing equations


Sept. 30-Oct. 4


Gram Atomic Mass Worksheet Balancing Equations Semester Exam

Hidden Figures

Work on balancing equations

Planner Check

Continue balancing equations

Types of reaction notecards


Oct. 7-11


Writing and Balancing Equations

Alchemist lab


Writing and Balancing Equations


Writing and Balancing Equations

Worksheet 1 Due

Predicting Reactions

Worksheet 2 Due



Oct. 14-18


Predicting Reactions Lab Review Balancing and Predicting Test No school No school



Oct. 21-25


No School   Happy Mole Day!! Guest Speaker  



Oct. 28-Nov.1

Stoichiometry Stoichiometry Stoichiometry Stoichiometry Stoichiometry


Nov. 4-8


Baking soda/vinegar lab

Lab due

Mixed stoichiometry worksheet due

Prepare for Chocolate chip lab Cookie Lab Stoichiometry test



Dec. 2-6



Gas Law Notes Gas Law Packet Ideal Gas Law Lab

Boyle's Law Demonstration

Work on packet


Gas Law Test




Dec. 9-13


        No School