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Algebra 2

Mrs. Etzkorn's class

Room #16


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On line assignments come from my.hrw.com

Curriculum Guide
Lesson Objective timeline Oklahoma Academic Standard Resource
         1st Qtr     Algebra 2 book (Green Glencoe book)
What is a Matrix? Dimensions & positions 1/2 day A2.N.1.3 "
Adding and Subtracting Matrices 1/2 day " "
Matrices with Scalars & Order of Operations 1 day " "
Solving for an unknown values with in Matrices 1 day " "
Multiplying Matrices 1 day " "
Programing Matrices in Graphing Calculator 1 day   TI-30 calculator
          Matrix Test 1 day    
Use algebraic, interval, & set notation to describe domain & range of a function. 1 day A2.F.1.1 Algebra 2 HMH text (blue book)
Recognize quadratic function, f(x).   A2.A.2.3 TI-30
Translations of graphs