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Algebra 2

Mrs. Etzkorn's class

Room #16


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April 6, 2020....

Hello Algebra 2 students!

Hope you have enjoyed your long Spring Break!  Some of you are bored, I know..., and some of you have been working outside and around the house.  My family and I have been tidying up the farm (things that have been on the back burner) and doing taxes (yuck).

Now, back to why you are on here.......  As a math department, we feel like it would be overwhelming to finish this class alone.  So, all students will be enrolled in a "Transitional Math Class".   This class will be a review of the 1st semester.  You have a notebook with notes on all of this.  Hopefully, you can locate your graphing calculator.  So, relax and breathe.

Three things will happen each week: 1) vocabulary, 2) interactive review on my.hrw.com, and 3) review on gmm.getmoremath.com.  It is important that you do the interactive assignments on my.hrw.com first before doing gmm assignments.  You may choose to do the vocab first, second, or third each week.

The following was set up before this crisis hit.  After you look at it, you will notice that we were doing graphs and some of them involved absolute value, so I feel like we were not behind.  We were right on schedule.  For the second semester, YOU WILL FINISH ALGEBRA 2 AT A LATER DATE.  In the next 6 weeks, you will take the transitional math class as an elective credit.

I have never done a blog before, so it will probably sound like I am rambling...check it out to the left of this page in the blue panel, last selection.


Curriculum Guide (Teacher holds the ability to alter this schedule as she feels fit.)
Lesson Objective timeline Oklahoma Academic Standard Resource
         1st Qtr      

Introduction of teacher, classroom expectations, & rules.

Entrance Exam (Placement Test)

1 day    
What is a Matrix? Dimensions & positions 1/2 day A2.N.1.3

Alg 2 (Green Glencoe book)

Adding and Subtracting Matrices 1/2 day " "
Matrices with Scalars & Order of Operations 1 day " "
Matrices Vocabulary (condensed schedule) late start Friday?    
Solving for an unknown values with in Matrices 1 day " "
Multiplying Matrices and variable elements 1 day " "
Programing Matrices in Graphing Calculator & review 2 days   TI-30 calculator
          Matrix Test & Exponential/Logarithmic Vocabulary

1 day

late start Friday

Exponential Equations 1 day    
Basic logarithms 1 day    
Introduction to GMM & my.HRW.com / Review 2 days all GMM 
          Log Test and Polynomial Vocabulary 1 day late start Friday?   my.HRW
2nd Qtr      
Ch 6 Polynomials Unit Introduction: types & basic add/subtract like terms 1 day  

Algebra 2 HMH text (blue book)

6.2 Multiplying polynomials (3 methods: distributive, FOIL, & Punnets square) 2 day    
6.3 Binomial Theorem (Pascal's Triangle) 1 day    
6.5 Dividing polynomials , Synthetic Substitution, & Synthetic Division   3 days    
6.4 Factoring Polynomials 1 day    
          Polynomial Test and Module 5 & 1 Vocabulary 1 day    

Introductions to Graphing other functions using TI-84 calculator

1 day   TI-84
Ch. 1 Use algebraic, interval, & set notation to describe domain & range of a function. 1 day A2.F.1.1  
1.2 Recognize characteristics of graphs: slope, linear, increasing, decreasing, & quadratic function, f(x)= x squared. 1 day A2.A.2.3  
1.3 Translations of graphs 2 days    

1.4 Inverse Functions

2 days    
5.2 Graphing Polynomial Functions 1 day   TI-84 calculator
            Module #5 & #1 test and ch 2 vocabulary 1 day    

                               1st Semester Exam

2 days    
2nd Semester:      
2.1 Absolute Value Graphs 1 day    
2.2 Absolute Value Graph Translations & solving their equations 2 days    
2.3 Solving Absolute Value Inequalities 1 day    

             Ch 2 test and ch 3 vocabulary

1 day    
3.1 Radicals & Imaginary Numbers 1 day    
3.2 Complex Numbers 1 day    
3.3 Quadratic Formula & Discriminants 2 days    

             Ch 3 test & ch 4 Vocab

1 day    
4.1 Circles, their graphs & function formulas 2 days    

             Ch 4 Quiz & ch 9 Vocabulary

1 day    
9.1 Simplifying, Adding, & Subtracting Rationals (Fraction Rules) 1 day    
9.2 A Multiplying Rationals 1 days    
9.2 B Dividing Rationals  1 days    
9.3 Solving Rational Equations 1 day    

             Ch 9 Test & Ch 11 Vocab

1 day    
11.1 Simplifying Radicals & Rational Exponents 1 day    
11.2 Simplifying Radical Expressions 1 day    
11.3 Solving Radical Equations 2 days    

              Ch 11 test

1 day    
            End of Instruction Exam 2 days all objective skills  

Note: Vocabulary will usually fall on test days and late start Fridays.