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World History power point Outline


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Your assignment is to create a Power Point Presentation. You may use all available resources. Make your Power point professional and legible. There should be no errors or misspellings. BE CREATIVE!     12 slides


Total points: 100                

World History power point-Person


  1. Title slide (Names of group members, class, date)


  1. Name of the Person


  1. A history of the person’s life.


  1. A  explanation of what the person did.


  1. Explain some of the challenges this person faced.


  1. Explain how the person over came these challenges.


  1. Explain how this person’s accomplishments/failures are important.


  1. A  explanation of how this person’s accomplishment/failures changed the world.
  2. Give a description of other things this person in famous for.


  1. Did this person inspire/challenge other thoughts or ideas.