Eligibility & Participation Forms

Athletics eligibility and participation forms are completed online on Rank One at sequoyahschools.rankonesport.com. Each student athlete must have completed eligibility and participation forms on file prior to participating in athletics. Band students are also required to have a physical, but not the other forms. Rank One is active now for all students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Parents/guardians who previously registered with Rank One will log in to your account to complete the forms. Returning students are not required to do the Eligibility Questionnaire, but will need to complete all other online forms and a new physical each year. 

Parents/guardians of all new students will need to set up an account and then link your student to that account. If you need help setting up your Rank One account or any of the steps within Rank One, please call or email Tonya Hooper (918-453-5400, Ext. 5954, tonya-hooper@cherokee.org) or Marcus Crittenden (918-453-5177, marcus-crittenden@cherokee.org). New students will do all forms. These will be reviewed to determine the eligibility status [eligible for varsity, eligible for sub-varsity only (JV/freshman level), or not eligible at any level] for each student according to OSSAA rules. We will notify parents/guardians of students who are determined to be ineligible for varsity or ineligible at any level of their status and will discuss the process to become eligible.

The only paper forms we use are the Physical form and Changing Schools form. Click here for OSSAA Physical Form We will send home a Changing Schools form for parent and student signatures as soon as possible. The Physical and all online forms must be completed prior to participating in any workout, practice, or competition. The Changing Schools form must be completed prior to participation in any competition. The Changing Schools form is only needed in the student's first school year at Sequoyah.

When you submit the "OSSAA Eligibility Form" in Rank One, it will still show an incomplete status until we review and approve it. You do not need to resubmit it unless we request that.

We will make computer and internet access available here at school to anyone who needs that to complete the forms. Parents/guardians can download your student's physical and other completed forms as needed while logged into your Rank One account.

We also need a transcript or report cards showing final spring semester grades of the previous school year and proof of the school year in which the student was enrolled in 6th grade or any grade before that (could be a report card, state test results, or other document). This transcript information was requested with the enrollment application, but students can be admitted without turning in a 6th grade transcript. Enrollment applications are due before the end of the spring semester, so students/parents need to make sure that we receive those final spring semester grades ASAP following the end of the school year. The athletic department will have access to whatever transcripts/report cards were turned in with the enrollment application or after that. We only need the transcript documents once, not each year.

Any updates about Rank One and other athletics information will be posted on our website, Twitter (Sequoyah High School @SeqActivities), and Facebook (Sequoyah Schools @SequoyahSchools).


If you try to set up an account, but don't receive an email from Rank One, check your junk email folder and spam email. If you still don't find an email from Rank One in junk or spam, you can still complete the forms without having an account. You can skip setting up an account by clicking the gray button that says “Continue as a guest" on the screen that opens when you start trying to fill out forms. The image below is just a screenshot to show you what that page looks like. It is not the actual site with links to forms. If you skip setting up an account, you won't be able to download completed forms on demand and will need to enter all information again next year instead of carrying some of it forward and confirming.

Screenshot of Skip Setting Up Account Option Updated 4.12.21